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Sheldon Gary Adelson the 78 year old US casino and hotel magnate has been identified as a considerable contributor to a SuperPAC (Political Action Committee). The PAC assisting the presidential campaign of Newt Gingrich, according to Kenneth Vogel of Politico, received a $US5mil contribution from Adelson, “and has considered giving much more”. Vogel states, “The propping up of super PACs by Adelson [and others] has some establishment Republicans grumbling privately that the men may be hurting the party by setting the stage for a long and damaging primary battle that won’t block Romney from winning the nomination but will leave him limping into a general election tilt… [Adelson stated] that his political efforts were motivated by his support for Gingrich, rather than antipathy toward any other candidate. “I’m a guy who practices loyalty,” said Adelson … worth upward of $20 billion … who’s been friendly with Gingrich since the mid-1990s, when the former Georgia congressman was speaker of the House.”

Joe McGinniss the 68 year old US author of bestselling nonfiction and novels has released his latest politically sensitive book ‘The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin’ to much fanfare and outrage. McGinniss had rented the neighboring Alaskan house next to Pain for over 12 months. Palin responded with a 4.2m fence to block McGinniss’s view, as they bantered online for all to see. The books release has unveiled allegations that Palin, said to be a racist had a short relationship with a black college student, an affair with a business partner of her husbands, and had used drugs. McGinniss achieved overnight success at age 26, with his bestseller ‘The Selling of the President’. The book described the 1968 marketing of Richard Nixon during his presidential campaign. While initially turned down by the Hubert Humphrey campaign, Nixon’s agreed.


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Cynthia Stroum the former US Ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and a major donor to Barack Obama's presidential campaign Preferred a queen bed to the king-size bed (February 8 2011)

Cynthia Stroum the former US Ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and a major donor to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has been accused of having a confrontational management style during her appointment to the Ambassador’s position. Inspectors from the State Department Inspector General’s office visited the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg reporting chronic gaps in staffing levels caused by Stroum, leading to a state of dysfunction and an absence of a sense of direction. Stroum apparently spent an inordinate amount of her and other staff time supervising the repair of the ambassador’s residence and purchasing unwarranted volumes of wine and other liquour.  Gaps in staffing levels came about as senior staff sought transfers to other embassies to escape Stroum’s management style.


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