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World Bank and the development delusion (October 20 2012) World Bank and the development delusion (October 20 2012)

Jim Yong Kim the 52 year old Korean-American physician, anthropologist and current President of the World Bank has been the subject of review by Jason Hickel in an article published on Aljazeera titled ‘The World Bank and the development delusion’. Hickel states “When Jim Yong Kim took the helm of the World Bank in July, progressives in the development community hailed it as a turning point in the fight against poverty. For once the Bank is headed not by a US military boss or a Wall Street executive, but by an actual expert in the field of development. …I have deep respect for Kim and his past accomplishments, but I do not share the optimism that has overcome the development community. I find it astounding that we continue to place our hope for the end of poverty in an international financial institution that is fundamentally beholden to the interests of Wall Street and the US government. And we do so against all the available evidence. History shows that most of the countries that have come under the sway of the World Bank – and its sister institution, the IMF – have experienced declining development outcomes over the past 30 years or so.  …Kim probably won’t be able to accomplish these reforms because they would run up against enormously powerful economic interests. Real change will require rebuilding the global justice movement by linking together organisations that have been working on these issues for decades. As neoliberal policy has ravaged the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world, there’s a lot of anger out there ready to be mobilised. A revolution lies waiting in the wings; we have only to call it forth.”


Inspired by Jason Hickel image source NIH

Shakil Afridi the Pakistani physician who assisted the CIA run a fake vaccine program in Abbottabad Pakistan, in order to obtain DNA samples confirming Osama bin Laden’s presence, has been imprisoned for 33 years on charges of treason. Afridi was tried under the Frontier Crimes Regulations that govern Pakistan’s semi-autonomous tribal region. The trial took place over several days without Afridi being present in the court nor given the opportunity to defend himself. The trial heard by Nasir Khan, the assistant political agent in Khyber, Afridi was sentenced for offences against the state, conspiracy and attempting to wage war against Pakistan and working against the country’s sovereignty. Human-rights organisations have criticised the FCR for not providing suspects due process of law, as there is no right to legal representation, to present material evidence or cross-examine witnesses. However humanitarian organizations including Médecins Sans Frontières protested the use of a medical charity for espionage purposes believing it would cause suspicion of such organizations in the future.  Details of Afridi’s activities emerged during the Pakistani investigation of the raid on Bin Laden’s residence, and confirmed by the US Secretary of Defense, who was then CIA Chief Leon Panetta.


Inspired by Rahimullah Yusufzai image source Deccan Chronicle

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