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Thomas Ryan a New York security consultant has been identified as part of an intelligence gathering operation within the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement. Ryan’s activities involved infiltrating the movement in order to discredit them, forwarding information gleaned from the movements internal email lists to the NYPD and FBI. Ryan claims on his blog to have worked for the US Army, leading a team called Black Cell, which he claims are “a team of the most-highly trained and capable physical, threat and cyber security professionals in the world.” Ryan is alleged to have sent emails containing the movements strategies to the extremist conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart, who has been using them in an attempt to paint the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement as anarchists bent on destroying the global financial markets.


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Michael Rubens Bloomberg the 69 year old US businessman Mayor of New York City visited the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement at Zuccotti Park. Although the visit was brief, he addressed members of the movement informing them they would need to vacate the park in order for it to be ‘cleaned’. Brookfield Properties the owners of the park had complained to the NYPD that concerned citizens and office workers were reporting lewdness, groping, drinking, drug use, unsanitary conditions and offensive odors, from and around the park. However members of the movement voiced concerns that it was an attempt to evict them from the park and prevent them from bringing back camping equipment. Bloomberg later confirmed the ‘cleaning’ had been postponed and the movement could stay “indefinitely”. Bloomberg has a 2011 personal net worth of $18.1 billion.

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Anthony Bologna a New York Deputy Inspector of Police with the NYPD pepper spray attacked several female protestors during the “Occupy Wall Street” protest organized by the “hacktivist” group Anonymous. Police suddenly escalated their crowd control efforts by corralling protestors behind orange mesh netting. Bologna caught on video then approached the occupants corralled onto the footpath and unprovoked applied pepper spray at four women for no apparent reason. Bologna is currently the subject of a civil rights lawsuit relating to false arrest and civil rights violations that took place during the 2004 Republican National Convention. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, under pressure relating to the abuse announced that all incidents involved in the “Occupy Wall Street” protests were being referred to the Civilian Complaints Review Board and the NYPD’s Internal Affairs unit.


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