MJ Rosenberg the Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at the Media Matters Action Network and former Director of Policy Analysis for Israel Policy Forum (IPF), has struck out at the anti-Semitism being used to undermine the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Rosenberg claims “An ugly old tradition is back: Exploiting anti-Semitism to break the backs of popular movements that threaten the power of the wealthiest one per cent of our population. It is being used to undermine the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has conservatives in a state of near panic.” Rosenberg’s statement follows the release of a video by the Emergency Committee For Israel, “a far-right Republican group run by Bill Kristol … accusing Occupy Wall Street of anti-Semitism, with side swipes at leading Democrats … who have sympathised with the movement and are therefore, by implication, probably anti-Semitic themselves.”

Inspired by aljazeera http://ow.ly/75ZfF image source http://ow.ly/75Zf7