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King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz the 87 year old King of Saudi Arabia Legal and illegal ways that royals grab money (March 7 2011)

King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz the 87 year old King of Saudi Arabia and one of the world’s wealthiest royals has come under greater scrutiny following a significant release of documents from Wikileaks as to how his royal family receive such large volumes of wealth both legally and illegally. Schemes to finance Abdul-Aziz’s family members include allocating a million barrels a day of oil to six of his princes, and siphoning billions yearly from defense and infrastructure projects to thousands of other family members. The Wikileaks release of the documents on the eave of anti-government protests will likely fuel anger among the Saudi people at the enormous scale and nature of the payments, despite recently announced social welfare concessions.


Inspired by Gus Lubin image source Wikipedia

King Abdullah the 86 year old King of Saudi Arabia has been quoted in the WikiLeaks whistle-blowing website release of US diplomatic documents as urging the United States to attack Iran over its nuclear program in a meeting with General David Petraeus to put an end to its potential nuclear weapon capability. Abdullah wanted to roll back as a strategic priority the Iranian influence in Iraq calling for greater international sanctions for Iran that included bank lending restrictions and bans on international travel, with the use of military force against Iran by the US as an option.

Political Arts | Ian Bunn Visual Artist

My digital art work is essentially politics and art. It’s about iconic people, places and events of our day.  Recorded visually through daily compilations of manipulated digital images, posted online and disseminated via online media and social networks. The works are diaristic in nature that metaphorically record a spectator’s experience of the contemporary digital age.  The resulting work intentionally has a painterly aesthetic acknowledging my historical painting practice.

Adapting Pop Art’s notion of mass media imagery into a context of the contemporary digital age, the work draws on a myriad points of reference. Utilizing fractured images to provide an allusion to the digital noise pounding away daily into our sub consciousness.  The work is essentially popular culture arts, diverging from the traditional Pop Art notion of a pronounced repetition of a consumer icon, instead this work focuses on the deluge of contemporary digital content. The compilation of the fragmented imagery is vividly distractive, not unlike cable surfing or a jaunt through Times Square.

This digital photo manipulation art work is premised on the basis that Pop art in its beginnings, freeze-framed what consumers of popular culture experienced into iconic visual abstractions. With the advent of the techno age, visual information circulates in such quantities, so rapidly and exponentially, that to comprehend a fraction of it all becomes a kind of production process in itself.  Hence this work considers fragmented elements of Popular Culture through an artistic and conceptual exploration of specific people and events of the day.

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