Jean-Claude Mas the 72 year old French founder of the company Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) that manufactured thousands of breast implants has been arrested by French police in a manslaughter investigation. Mas’s company provided hundreds of thousands of faulty breast implants constructed from industrial grade silicone, some of which ruptured after being implanted, resulting in one woman dying from a rare cancer. The company had been earlier closed by French authorities and since gone into liquidation, leaving thousands of woman exposed to the toxic products without financial recourse to have the implants removed. Mas in an attempt to save money in the production process authorized the use of an unapproved cheaper grade industrial silicon in lieu of surgical grade materials, and is under investigation for fraud as a result. The implants have proved vulnerable to leaks that allow the seeping of the inferior silicon into victims body.


Inspired by Angelique Chrisafis image source