Through art we can change the world (November 12 2012) Through art we can change the world (November 12 2012)

David Sandum the 41 year old Swedish Artist and organizer of the first #Twitterartexhibit in 2010 in the belief that “Through art we can change the world.” The #Twitterartexhibit concept utilizes social media and public engagement to generate income for charities and nonprofit organizations. In the past, #Twitterartexhibit has generated funds for children’s books at a local library and resources for a Women’s shelter. Artists worldwide contribute a postcard-sized, handmade original artwork to the #Twitterartexhibit, which in turn organizes a local, physical showcasing of the art. The public is invited to buy the art at an affordable price, with100% of proceeds going to charity, providing artists with new avenues, audiences and benefactors, and appeals to art enthusiasts all over the world. Every participant, from artists to organizers, are working on a voluntary, unpaid basis. Sandum states we just care about “sharing your talent for a good cause.” It is his vision to get Twitter artists from as many countries as possible to participate. For the audience, one of the most fascinating parts of the exhibition is walking around the space and seeing where there all the artists come from. There is no theme. The idea here is to promote artists from all over the world for a good cause. “So paint/draw something that represents your style and work. As this will be a public event where children may be present, we ask you to consider making the subject matter appropriate for all audiences. The definition of “appropriate” is up for debate in the art world, but please use common sense. We reserve the right to withhold any artwork we find inappropriate.”


Inspired by Twitterartexhibit image source Facebook