Jeffrey David Sachs the 57 year old US economist renowned as an adviser to post communist eastern Europe and other developing countries in the implementation of his economic shock therapy, has been interviewed by Sami Zeidan, where he stated “The banks have said, leave us deregulated, we know how to run things… Then they took huge gambles … broke the world system … then they rushed out to say ‘bail us out… we’re too big to fail … As soon as that happened, they said ‘oh, don’t regulate us, we know what to do’. And they went back to … paying billions of dollars of bonuses again… the problem that the OWS protesters have is: you broke the system, you gamed the economy, you’re in the White House going to the state dinners, you’re paying yourself huge bonuses, what kind of system is this?”


Inspired by Sami Zeidan image source Palácio do Planalto