Arundhati Roy the 50 year old Indian novelist and Booker Prize winner has explained in an interview with Arun Gupta her sense of comfort from the Occupy Wall Street movement, stating “…it seems to me, intellectually and theoretically, quite predictable this was going to happen here at some point. But still I cannot deny myself the surprise and delight that it has happened.” In the interview Roy states, “I don’t think the whole protest is only about occupying physical territory, but about reigniting a new political imagination. I don’t think the state will allow people to occupy a particular space unless it feels that allowing that will end up in a kind of complacency, and the effectiveness and urgency of the protest will be lost… I think the movement will, or at least should, become a protean movement of ideas, as well as action, where the element of surprise remains with the protesters.”


Inspired by Arun Gupta image source Jean-Baptiste Labrune