İbrahim Tatlıses the 58 year old  Turkish pop/folk singer veteran on 38 albums Life is still in danger but situation has improved (March 21 2011)

İbrahim Tatlıses the 58 year old  Turkish pop/folk singer veteran on 38 albums, known as Ibo to his throng of Middle Eastern fans, having survived two previous assassination attempts has again been attacked and seriously wounded from a gun-shot wound to the head. Tatlises was shot to the back of the head from a Kalashnikov rifle as he was entering his vehicle following his weekly TV show at the Beyaz channel in Istanbul. Tatlises’s female colleague Buket Cakici was also received a gun-shot wound to her neck by the unknown assailants. Tatlises also an actor and director of dozens of films, a businessman involved in tourism construction and restaurants in Iraqi Kurdistan remains critically injured following a four hour operation.


Inspired by the BBC ow.ly/4joMD image source Tacirci ow.ly/4joTK