Zwelethu Mthethwa the 51 year old South African artist photographer nominated to include his work in the prestigious Venice Biennale art exhibition, has withdrawn outraged and alleging transparency issues within the organizing group. Monna Mokoena a South African gallery owner who had initiated the South African return to the Biennale following non participation since 1995, has been appointed the commissioner by the government. Mokoena selected the curator and two of his own artists to exhibit, and as a token selected two others including Mthethwa while delaying them access to information and financial budgets. Malcolm Payne a former Dean of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town who had exhibited at the last South African participation in the 1995 Biennale, criticised Mokoena appointment as “A handout … What happened then is happening now”.

Inspired by Matthew Blackman image source myglobalhustle