Slick, superficial and only for the super-rich (November 9 2012) Slick, superficial and only for the super-rich (November 9 2012)

Luc Tuymans the 54 year old Belgian contemporary artist considered one of the most influential painters working today with his signature figurative paintings has been profiled by Adrian Hamilton for The Independent in an article titled ‘Luc Tuymans: Slick, superficial and only for the super-rich’. Hamilton states “Are the painting “series” so fashionable with contemporary artists now becoming a means less of exploring the boundaries of their art than just producing repetitive works that can be sold as distinct items? The question is prompted by the showing of recent works by the Belgian artist, Luc Tuymans, at David Zwirner’s new Mayfair gallery. …At his best he paints works of shifting focus that unnerve the eye and genuinely challenge the viewer. His Zwirner show, it has to be said, is not his best. …The interest of the galleries (and we’re talking here about a million pounds or more per painting) is to play along with this by presenting every few years a new show of their artists’ ‘recent works’. It is in the interest of the painter, whatever his or her creativity at the time, to supply the market with a steady flow of new offerings. “Series” become the easy way for them to do it. In the hands of the Twomblys and the Richters, they provide a way of pushing the boundaries of their art, testing their limits. In the hands of lesser artists they can be simply a means of productivity. I felt this with Damien Hirst’s Spot Paintings and Gilbert & George’s London Pictures, to name two recent examples. I feel it with Tuymans now.”


Inspired by Adrian Hamilton image source Marcwathieu