Marilyn Minter the 63 year old US artist whose photographic works often include sexuality and erotic imagery via staged photo shoots with film and conventional darkroom processes, has been interviewed by Kyle Chayka in the lead up to the debut opening of the new art space ‘Family Business’ in New York, a collaboration of Gioni and Cattelan. Minter has curated the opening group show ‘The Virgins’, and during the interview stated, “Gioni and Cattelan have been great. They gave me full control… Cattelan explained the project as an altruistic gesture, giving artists a free place to express themselves. He pays rent and electricity and supplies interns to attend the space. It’s a pretty cool way to give back. I was sitting next to [Cattelan] at a dinner, and since he was “retiring,” I suggested he might want to start teaching. A month later he asked me to curate a show. I think they expect artists to use the space as a laboratory, to go with the flow… I wanted to have something on a screen that could run 24/7… I asked them if they would become “born-again virgins” for the length of the exhibition and show the first video works they ever made. It’s an excuse to show work night and day.”


Inspired by Kyle Chayka image source facebook