Maung Thura the 50 year old Myanmar comedian poet and performer known as Zarganar “tweezers”, goaled and tortured by the Myanmar military authorities has been released and allowed to leave the country. Speaking from Bangkok on his arrival, Zarganar renowned for his humour stated “When I saw the airplane I got a shock, when I saw the airport I got a shock, when I saw the big building and big bridge and good road I got a shock … Our young people in my country, daily they worry… Their faces are full of anxieties.” Zarganar was released by the junta as part of prisoner amnesty in the lead up to formation of civilian government. Zarganar had organized aid-related activities and been sentenced to 59 years imprisonment as a result, although not his first time, having been arrested for joining the 1988 student-led uprising against the military dictatorship, imprisoned tortured and released the following year.


Inspired by France24 image source