Tom Engelhardt the creator of tomdispatch .com and co-founder of the American Empire Project has published an article that focuses the lens on the election life cycle of candidates, “Now, the president himself essentially begins his campaign for a second term almost as soon as he enters the Oval Office.” Engelhardt plays on the word ‘Election’, “Sometimes words outlive their usefulness. Sometimes the gap between changing reality and the names we’ve given it grows so wide that they empty of all meaning or retain older meanings that only confuse us. ‘Election’, ‘presidential election campaign’, and ‘democracy’ all seem like obvious candidates for name-change … You vote for the president to spend some part of 20 per cent of his days raising money for his own future from the incredibly wealthy … and this is what he’s been doing 12 to 24 months before the election is scheduled to happen.”


Inspired by Tom Engelhardt image source truthdig