Hamada Zahawi an Iraqi-American lawyer and one of the Lead speaker Coaches at the TEDxBaghdad 2011 described how his team “flew in from abroad … carried an unwavering, against-all-odds longing to reconcile their own identity and discover the country only our parents had lived. Each of us was driven by dreams of a better Iraq, by an inexplicable connection to a place we barely knew, but somehow loved so deeply… TEDxBaghdad focused on this faith: how we Iraqis can harness our potential to ensure an unforgettable event. Dismissing politics, religion and sectarian divisions, we chose instead to celebrate our identity, our heritage, our accomplishments, from architecture to medicine, from education to entrepreneurship. Seventeen speakers hailing from all over Iraq shared their ideas and stories of improbable triumph in the face of decades-old hardship and instability.”


Inspired by Hamada Zahawi http://ow.ly/8lKif image source BISC http://ow.ly/8lKhC