Yayoi Kusama the 82 year old Japanese conceptual artist renowned for her obsessive repetition of dots and patterns has a major solo exhibition titled ‘Look Now, See Forever’ at the Queensland GOMA. One of the pieces titled The obliteration room 2011, is an interactive project where a large furnished room of stark white is in the process of being covered with various size primary coloured polka dots, applied by visitors (mostly children). The result according to Artinfo is “a hypnotizing variety of colors and patterns taking over the room like highly contagious rainbow chicken pox. The bare white walls, couch, tables, and lamps play up the intense hues of the stickers, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes… crowded groups of dots so dense that the wall isn’t even visible beneath.”


Inspired by Artinfo http://ow.ly/8lKJt image source yknow http://ow.ly/8lKPq