Song Dong the 45 year old Chinese conceptual artist credited with having influenced many artists in China and abroad, has opened a new exhibition, the third with his wife and collaborator Yin Xiuzhen, titled ‘The Way of Chopsticks III’. In an article published by Artcat, Dong and Xiuzhen are said to be “Widely regarded as two of China’s most prominent conceptually oriented artists, the husband and wife team have pursued independent careers since the mid-1990s and have continued to do so until the present day … Working together for the first time in 2002, they chose the theme of chopsticks as, whether picking up a grain of rice or a more sizeable morsel of food, two chopsticks are essential . As a symbol of their long-standing personal and professional relationship, the humble pair of chopsticks was an essential element…”


Inspired by ArtCat image source panacheprivee