Brian Edward Cox the 43 year old UK particle physicist and best known to the public as the presenter of science programs for the UK broadcaster BBC, has been credited in an article by Steve Connor with exhibiting a ‘Brian Cox effect’. Connor states “It was the year we saw an unprecedented turnaround in the popularity of science – especially the harder physical sciences – among A-level students. Exam boards marveled at the increase in the number of teenagers who want to study the notoriously difficult subjects of physics and maths. There could be only one explanation: the Brian Cox effect. With his floppy hair, youthful smile and telegenic good looks, Professor Brian Cox is living proof that you don’t need to be bald with bad teeth to be a boffin. His [2nd tv series] … drew in a young audience, demonstrating that the traditionally nerdy subject of physics is actually quite cool.


Inspired by Steve Connor image source Bob Lee