Severed rabbit's head that did it (November 4 2012) Severed rabbit’s head that did it (November 4 2012)

Rosy Canale the Italian Anti-mafia activist who nearly died in a brutal beating, is being threatened again after writing a book about the Calabria mobsters the Ndrangheta. John Hooper for The Guardian published an article titled ‘It was the severed rabbit’s head that did it’. Hooper states “Rosy Canale, a courageous anti-mafia activist, had had threats before. But when the bloodied head arrived at her parents’ house in a neat little package on her 40th birthday, she fled. …Canale knows all about its brutality. She used to own a restaurant and disco in the region’s biggest city, Reggio Calabria, and the ‘Ndrangheta wanted to push drugs there. “I was to turn a blind eye,” she said, speaking by telephone from an undisclosed location in the US. “If I had done so, I’d doubtless still be in Reggio Calabria, driving round in a brand-new Ferrari.” Instead, she refused. And the ‘Ndrangheta took its revenge. Canale was kicked and pistol-whipped almost to death. “Nearly all my teeth were broken. So was my upper jawbone. They broke my collarbone, several ribs and a leg. It was eight months before I left hospital. …In February, some men came to my parents’ home in Rome posing as postmen. They said they had a letter. My mother opened the door and they pushed past her. They told her that, if I published my book, they would cut me into pieces and feed me to the pigs. A book creates awareness,” added Canale. “And it remains.” The threats continued after she fled to the US…”


Inspired by The Guardian image source Vanity Fair