Jorge Mario Pedro Vargas Llosa the 75 year old Peruvian-Spanish writer, essayist and Nobel Prize laureate has been invited by the Spanish government to head up the leading Spanish language and culture institute. The Cervantes Institute has responsibilities for promotion of Spanish Culture throughout the world though its seventy seven locations in forty four countries. Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, extended the invitation for Llosa to take on the new role as president of the institution, and has not set a deadline at this stage for his acceptance. The role as president is a non-executive role, with the day to day operations of the institute’s centers undertaken by an executive board. Llosa’s rise to fame occurred in the 1960’s with several high profile novels across an array of genres including comedies, mysteries, historical, criticism and political; winning the 2010 Nobel Prize for Literature with his works ‘Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter’ and ’Death in the Andes’.


Inspired by France24 image source Daniele Devoti