William I. Robinson the US professor of sociology focusing on political economy, globalization and historical materialism claims that “As the crisis of global capitalism spirals out of control, the powers that be in the global system appear to be adrift and unable to propose viable solutions… the immense structural inequalities of the global political economy can no longer be contained through consensual mechanisms of social control. The ruling classes have lost legitimacy; we are witnessing a breakdown of ruling-class hegemony on a world scale. …there will be no quick outcome of the mounting global chaos. We are in for a period of major conflicts and great upheavals. …one danger is a neo-fascist response to contain the crisis. We are facing a war of capital against all… In my view, the only viable solution to the crisis of global capitalism is a massive redistribution of wealth and power downward towards the poor majority of humanity along the lines of a 21st-century democratic socialism in which humanity is no longer at war with itself and with nature.”


Inspired by William Robinson http://ow.ly/7OBFQ image source Brian Cuban http://ow.ly/7OBBT