Park Chan-wook the 38 year old South Korean film maker, one of the most acclaimed in his native country, has shot a full length feature film completely on a mobile smart phone. Park in an article published by Tony Myers states “It’s incredibly handy and fun to be able to film using my iPhone 4. Shooting at 720p, 30fps on that tiny piece of technology that fits in the palm of your hand, very exciting. I recently shot an experimental video on my iPhone 4 using an 8mm app called Super 8. On top of that I used a macro lens attachment made specifically for the iPhone… I ended up with an interesting, abstract video that I called ‘Darkness and Light in 8mm‘… The key to success is to exercise your imagination … and the most important thing is to get your ideas down either by writing or shooting a video. Shoot with the camera you have with you, it has been a springboard for us.”


Inspired by Tony Myers image source Masha Kuvshinova