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Hamdeen Sabahi the 57 year old former member of parliament and leader of the Dignity Party finished third place with 21.5% of the vote. As the opposition leader, Sabahi was jailed for political dissidence 17 times during the Anwar Sadat and Hosni Mubarak presidencies. Sabahi has been profiled by Evan Hill in an article on Aljazeera, where he states “Sabahi’s campaign has reflected his likable persona. He is the only major candidate whose posters show him smiling, and his slogan, “one of us,” reflects a more populist appeal than the vagueness of the Brotherhood’s “renaissance is the will of the people” or the sternness of Moussa’s “Egypt needs the work of every Egyptian” or Shafiq’s “deeds, not words”. He has received broad support from Egypt’s journalism and media communities – his headquarters is housed in the office of popular director Khaled Youssef – and his campaign claims that it has run haphazardly on a shoestring, with donors buying billboard and newspaper ad space where they can. …Yet by the first day of voting on May 23, Sabahi had ascended into the national debate. From taxi drivers to pensioners to well-educated consultants, his emphasis on justice and the poor had resounded.”


Inspired by Aljazeera image source Egyptian Society

Zahi Hawass the 63 year old Egyptian archaeologist who is Egypt's Minister of Antiquities My heart is broken and my blood is boiling (February 16 2011)

Zahi Hawass the 63 year old Egyptian archaeologist who is Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities and accused of having a domineering personality who excessively courts personal media attention, has denounced the thieves who broke into the Egyptian Museum during the civil unrest that saw the overthrow of the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Hawass stated that “My heart is broken and my blood is boiling” on the discovery that 13 cases had been destroyed and 70 objects broken including two sculptures of Tutankhamen.  There are at least another 17 artifacts missing along with jewelry stolen from the museum gift shop. Following the break in to the museum, the army along with concerned citizens formed a security barrier to protect the museum from further damage and thefts.


Inspired by Ashley Hayes image source Wikipedia

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