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Kim Dotcom known as Kim Tim Jim Vestor the 38 year old German-Finnish computer programmer and IT businessman and founder of Megupload has been denied bail following his arrest in New Zealand. Megauplad an international, multi-language hosting website based in Hong Kong, is accused by US authorities of copyright infringement and money-laundering. Dotcom faces an extradition hearing to the US and authorities have successfully argued that he is an extreme flight risk and may re-offend. Dotcom’s legal defense argued that he posed no threat of absconding and denies any criminal wrongdoing, stating his passports had been seized, his assets frozen and was cooperating with authorities. The prosecution alleges he is “at the extreme end of the scale” having access to other funds and had multiple identities along with a history of flight from criminal proceedings. Dotcom has been remanded in custody until late February when the US Justice Department’s extradition application will be heard by the court.


Inspired by Matt Burns image source Technoded

Matthew Yglesias the 30 year old US political blogger states in an article published regarding the attempted introduction of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA), that “SOPA isn’t just an overly intrusive way to solve a problem, it’s a “solution” to a problem that’s not a problem.” In the article, Yglesias claims “Much of the debate about SOPA and PIPA has thus far centered around the entertainment industry’s absurdly inflated claims about the economic harm of copyright infringement … the American consumer has never been better-entertained than she is today. The same digital frontier that’s created the piracy pseudo-problem has created whole new companies and made it infinitely easier for small operations to distribute their products. Digital technology has reduced the price we pay for new works and made them cheaper to create… The American economy has plenty of problems, but lack of adequate entertainment options is not on the list.”


Inspired by Matthew Yglesias image source Slate

Richard Prince the 61 year old US painter and photographer, renown for appropriation of photographs and their ‘re-photographing’, continues to contest his right to use material alleged to be in violation of copyright laws. French photographer Patrick Cariou filed suit against Prince’s work ‘Canal Zone’ for copyright infringement and financial harm that had been caused, due to his own show being cancelled as a result of Prince’s exhibition of the material. A US District Court ruled Prince’s use of the material was not fair use, however Prince has won the right to appeal to the Federal Court to contest the decision. Prince is famous for his series the Cowboys, a group of rephotographs created from 1980 to 1992 from Marlboro cigarette advertisements, the Marlboro Man represents an idealized figure of American masculinity.


Inspired by Kate Deimling image source  Drpaluga

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