Donna Brazile the 52 year old US professor and political analyst published several tweets following the 2012 State of the Union address by President Barak Obama stating “Republicans can’t seem to accomplish anything, yet they are able to prevent virtually everything from happening” and comically following up with “If you pay fewer taxes than Mitt Romney, you are either very rich, very poor, or in a whole lot of trouble with the IRS”. Brazile is renowned for her weekly contributions to CNN tv’s The Situation Room, and contributions to NPR’s Political Corner. Brazile directed the Al Gore presidential campaign in 2000, and briefly served as the interim Chair of the Democratic National Committee in 2011. Brazile developed an interest in politics at the age of nine, helping to elect a City Council candidate who had promised to build a playground; the candidate won and ignited her lifelong passion for political progress.


Inspired by Donna Brazile on Twitter image source Ron Aira