Oliviero Toscani the 69 year old Italian Photographer renowned for his controversial advertising campaigns of well known Italian brands, has again sort controversy with the release of a calendar. Toscani’s calendar features twelve close up images of penises for an advertising campaign. The consortium that procured Toscani’s services, Vera Pelle Italiana is a group of companies that manufacture tanned leather products. The controversy follows a similar campaign last year for the same consortium, with a calendar depicting close up images of female crutches. That calendar incurred the wrath of both feminist groups and the advertising watchdog, claiming the images were offense to the dignity of women. Other campaigns conducted by Toscani included men participating in homosexual behavior for a clothing brand, an AIDS awareness campaign with images depicting a dying man in hospital surrounded by grieving relatives, and another awareness campaign with gruesome images of an emaciated anorexia suffer. This latest calendar launch was attended by a well known Italian porn star Rocco Siffredi.


Inspired by France24 http://ow.ly/8tRpg image source Twitter http://ow.ly/8tRC0