Ahmed Mater Al-Ziad Aseeri the 32 year old Saudi Arabian medical practitioner and artist, a prominent member of a contemporary artist group known as ‘Edge of Arabia”, has overseen the opening of an exhibition in Jeddah titled “We need to talk” curated by fellow artists Mohammed Hafiz and Stephen Stapleton. Edge of Arabia a nonprofit organization to support middle eastern artists, was launched to record breaking attendances with a major exhibition in London 2008 showcasing 17 Saudi Arabia artists. Mater claims prognosis is a central theme in his work, stating “from this knowledge of both loss and enlightenment [Mater] appears to have the ability to move from expressing sadness and anger to sharing … insights with a sense of humor and lifegiving lightness.” Reid Singer in an article published on Artinfo.com states “Though Saudi Arabia was largely unaffected by the wave of popular uprisings that took place across the Middle East during 2011’s Arab Spring, the political environment in the country remains tense. In this atmosphere, many forward-thinking Saudi artists have downplayed the political significance of their work and couched it in conservative terms.”


Inspired by Reid Singer http://ow.ly/8ZpGU image source Twitter http://ow.ly/8ZqzW