Daniel L. Davis a Lt Colonel in the US Army has published an open unclassified letter explaining his actions in publishing articles describing the misinformation about Afghanistan and the war. Davis in his letter states “…I was deployed to Afghanistan for a year… I saw many things during that deployment — the fourth combat deployment of my career — that I found disturbing. Eventually I felt morally obligated to do something about what I saw to such an extent that I was incapable of not acting … I submitted a Department of Defense Inspector General complaint against select senior leaders of the Armed Forces for being so deceptive to the US Congress and American people that the truth is no longer recognizable — and the biggest bill-payer for this deception has been the lives and bodies of America’s service men and women. Once I became aware of the truth on the ground, I could no longer rationalize inaction on my part …thousands of combat troops who continue risking their lives each and every day they go outside the wire … I was compelled to act…”


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