David Shrigley the 43 year old UK visual artist has provided an interview to MetroUK about his injection of humour into his work. Shrigley works with various media and is renowned for his humourous cartoons released as postcards and in softcover books. Shrigley’s work is said to have two major characteristics, an odd viewpoint and a limited technique. His use of free hand lines are crude and incorporated with the use of ruler, and the annotations to his drawings are frequently crossed out and suggestive of poor execution. In the interview Shrigley states “My work is really quite bleak a lot of the time and quite nasty as well, so maybe adding comedy into the mix makes it slightly less so… I’m not really interested in making people laugh that much; I just want to engage people and tell them something different.” Shrigley has produced a number of drawings published by the New Statesman. “I did it as an exercise to be a political cartoonist… I’m not really equipped to do that, in the sense that I can’t draw – I’m not an illustrator. I can’t draw caricatures of anybody…”


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