Carmen Tisch a 36 year old US woman has been arrested for damaging a canvas painting by the now deceased abstract expressionist painter Clyfford Still born in North Dakota 1904. Tisch is accused of pulling down her pants, sliding her buttocks against the painting surface and attempting to urinate onto the works. Tisch allegedly while intoxicated punched and scratched the painting valued at $US30mil. A spokeswoman for the Denver District Attorney’s Office, stated the oil-on-canvas called 1957-J no.2, was on display at the recently opened Clyfford Still museum in Denver. Tisch has been charged with felony criminal mischief and is held on a $US20k bond pending a formal hearing. “It doesn’t appear she urinated on the painting or that the urine damaged it, so she’s not being charged with that,” stated the spokesperson, although tests are to be conducted to determine if any urine damage has occurred.


Inspired by Artinfo image source Bossip