Kim Dotcom known as Kim Tim Jim Vestor the 38 year old German-Finnish computer programmer and IT businessman and founder of Megupload has been denied bail following his arrest in New Zealand. Megauplad an international, multi-language hosting website based in Hong Kong, is accused by US authorities of copyright infringement and money-laundering. Dotcom faces an extradition hearing to the US and authorities have successfully argued that he is an extreme flight risk and may re-offend. Dotcom’s legal defense argued that he posed no threat of absconding and denies any criminal wrongdoing, stating his passports had been seized, his assets frozen and was cooperating with authorities. The prosecution alleges he is “at the extreme end of the scale” having access to other funds and had multiple identities along with a history of flight from criminal proceedings. Dotcom has been remanded in custody until late February when the US Justice Department’s extradition application will be heard by the court.


Inspired by Matt Burns image source Technoded