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Stephen Tyrone Colbert the 47 year old USpolitical satirist comedian has announced he will form an “exploratory committee for president of the United States of South Carolina. I’m doin’ it!”, in the upcoming South Carolina GOP presidential primary, his home state. Colbert hosts the Comedy Central’s satirical news show The Colbert Report where Colbert assumes the identity of a conservative political character. A GOP voter poll of 1112 voters taken for the South Carolina primary placed Colbert with a 5% vote in spite of not even being on the ballot, ahead of other formal candidates. Colbert on his show addressed the legal issue of his SuperPAC (Political Action Committee). With assistance of his lawyer, Colbert handed control of the PAC over to Jon Stewart, changing its name to ‘Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert Super PAC’, highlighting the absurdity of campaign funding laws that govern election spending.


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Miriam Fowler Smith an American 65 year old delusional religious woman from South Carolina Diamond the dead one year old Pit Bull pup (January 31 2011)

Miriam Fowler Smith an American 65 year old delusional religious woman from South Carolina admitted to killing ‘Diamond’ a one year old Pit Bull pup. Diamond had chewed on Smith’s bible left outside in a porch causing Smith to react. Smith is claiming the dog was a ‘devil dog’, prompting her to strangle the pup with orange electrical cord, and to make sure the job was done proceed to burn the body with an accelerant. Not the normal thing to do of course, but for some reason Smith decided the pup could harm neighborhood children. Smith is liable to face animal cruelty charges unless there is an intervention!


Inspired by Penny Eims image source ExaminerCom

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