Fayza Abul- Naga the Egyptian Justice minister is to form a fact finding committee to investigate NGO funding in Egypt. Abul- Naga stated “The committee will be responsible for compiling a detailed report over the amount of aid given to Egyptian civil society and the funding of unlicensed international organisations working in Egypt… The cabinet’s decision to form this committee comes to meet the requests of the Egyptian public who refuse such foreign funding, as it is considered an intervention in our internal affairs… The Egyptian government fully supports any measures which reinforce the role and activities of civil society as long as they comply with the regulations managing that process.” Abul- Naga’s committee will examine how much aid is given to Egyptian civil society organisations by foreign donors, perceived to be a fishing exercise to reveal any “foreign hands” they may be blamed for the street protests, and enable her to politically tap into anti-American sentiment. Abul- Naga’s committee will provide recommendations within three weeks as she jockeys for position in the lead up to the general election only months away.


Inspired by David D. Kirkpatrick http://ow.ly/9ePXu image source Thinktanking http://ow.ly/9ePAK