Imran Khan Niazi the 59 year old Pakistani politician and former cricketer has announced he will be running for president of Pakistan at the next national election. In an article Professor Akbar Ahmed the former Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK and Ireland questions which direction Khan would take Pakistan “After a decade as ally in the US’ “War on Terror” and the devastating social, political and economic impact…The hopes of a nation now rest on one man. Pakistan history is replete with examples of Pakistanis depending entirely on the savior figure only to be disappointed afterwards. Even Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, who remains so revered in Pakistan, died one year after creating the country. … There are already danger-signs as some old faces who have done the rounds with different parties have now jumped onto Imran’s bandwagon. The balance between making deals in order to chip away at the power base … and maintaining his integrity will be crucial.


Inspired by Akbar Ahmed image source twitter