Carol Wells the US Exec.Director of the Center for the Study of Political Graphics has applauded the preservation of an Occupy Movement mural in Los Angeles stating “It’s site specific to L.A … It documents L.A.’s part in an international movement.” Marissa Gluck in an article she published states that “Though the history of Occupy Wall Street is still being written … Los Angeles is taking the unusual step of organizing a preservation process for a major mural created in its encampment. It is the first major city to do so … The massive four-sided mural, painted on plywood erected to protect a park fountain from vandalism … isn’t just a visual depiction of the protesters’ perspective. Its physical creation echoes the movement as well, with multiple anonymous artists contributing to the work … One side of the mural depicts the Federal Reserve as a monstrous octopus, ravenously grabbing cash from foreclosed homes, while exhorting viewers to “Take the Power Back.”


Inspired by Marissa Gluck image source artblahblah