Mullah Dawran the Afghanistani senior Taliban commander in the northeastern province of Kunar has been interviewed by Qais Azimy and Mujib Mashal in an article published on Aljazeera, giving a rare insight into “morale and mentality of many who fight for the Taliban”. In the interview Dawran states, “We have two goals: one, if we still see these people in the areas where we fight for the cause, we can’t say we have won, that we have brought a Sharia system. Because in a Sharia system, you first get rid of the infidels and then those who committed big sins – the traitors. They fought alongside the infidels against Islam. The second goal is that when the Americans leave, they leave us these saplings. These saplings that they planted with their hands – we want to uproot them so they dry out… The history of jihad shows the result of jihad is either victory or martyrdom on the battlefield. In negotiations, Sharia is stepped on. When you and I talk, and we have different opinions, I am obliged to accept some of your views if you accept mine, otherwise it would not be negotiations. I approve such negotiations that will not step on Sharia…”


Inspired by Qais Azimy and Mujib Mashal image source iwandahnial