Jeff Smith a US former advertising professional and member of the Occupy Wall Street press team has released an article on the vast wealth gap between Americans and their representatives. Smith states “It’s always been about the money. Occupy Wall Street chose to set up its 24-hour outpost of political dissent on the doorstep of the finance industry primarily to underscore the simple fact that money has corrupted our political process so completely that the seat of power in the U.S. isn’t even in Washington, D.C. any more … OWS has focused on the concept of legalized bribery, as the continually rising cost of a political campaign … largely subsidized by wealthy donors, corporations and special interests, in return for legislation that favors their interests … The gap between the Beltway and the economic realities of most Americans can be found in the common Washington framing of households with an annual income of $250,000—a figure achieved by just the top 1.5 percent—as “middle class.”


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