Jared Lee Loughner My assassination and I planned ahead (January 17 2011)

Jared Lee Loughner the 22 year old American charged with the January 8 Tucson shootings that killed six people and left fourteen others injured including Congress woman Gabrielle Giffords, is having his mental stability investigated. His behavioral and personality issues started to surface when he dropped out of High School, keeping to himself and not respond to others, along with alcohol and drug abuse including cannabis, psychedelic mushrooms, LSD and Salvia a natural and legal hallucinogen. Loughner was rejected as unqualified for service by the U.S. Army, and in turn appears to have rejected society including his friends, family and many social mores. Loughner believed in numerous conspiracy theories, and exhibited a longstanding dislike for Gabrielle Giffords, repeatedly derided her as fake.


Inspired by Jo Becker, Serge F. Kovaleski, Michael Luo and Dan Barry ow.ly/3KgSc image source Wikipedia ow.ly/3KgRL