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Polly Higgins the 43 year old UK barrister voted by the Ecologist as one of the ‘Worlds Top 10 Visionary Thinkers’ continues to strive for the United Nations to acknowledge ‘Ecocide’ as an international crime. The UN currently recognizes four significant crimes against Peace: Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes, and Crimes of Aggression. Higgins proposal is to include ‘Ecocide’ as a fifth. “Corporations have no legal responsibility for the Earth, yet they have accrued silent rights – the right to pollute, to emit, to destroy – which have allowed enormous damage and destruction to take place without consequence.” Higgins claims the earth is treated unfairly and is “in need of a good lawyer”, however “the laws to protect the interests of the Earth do not exist” and it is “time now to change the rules of the game and eradicate the Ecocide”.


Inspired by aljazeera image source

Winston “Winnie” Castelo a Philippines Barrister and parliamentary representative has filed a bill to prohibit ‘Planking’ as a form of protest. Planking is a recent internet fad, in which photographs are posted online of an individual lying face down in unusual location with hands touch the sides of the body. Recently a group of students calling themselves the ‘League of Filpino Students’, supported  a transport strike by staged a planking protest blocking Manila roads. Castelo stated on the filing of his bill, “If you have plankers in the middle of the street, it will disrupt traffic. While we recognize their right to express themselves, you have to respect the rights of the riding public. I was really worried as a parent … we have to see to it that their lives are protected as well.”


Inspired by AlJazeera image source

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