Nikola  Kosmatopoulos the Greek PhD Candidate with the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Zurich in Switzerland has published an article on Ajazeera titled “If elections could change things, they’d be illegal”. In the article, Kosmatopoulos states “The old anarchist slogan that inspired this article’s title has gained urgent actuality in Greece. …For a long time, the most insightful and inspiring quotes about the political situation in Greece have totally eclipsed the manifestos of technocrats and the reports of journalists. Hope and insights, endurance and critique, are more likely to be expressed through red and black graffiti than in the speeches made by experts. …members of the political elite have shamelessly suggested the indefinite postponement of elections, while European officials have clearly indicated that unless voters choose one of the two major parties, the country would be plunged into chaos. …In the face of all this, it appears essential to ask whether: Instead of drafting an electoral program, it would be more useful to craft everyday programs of population mobilisation against elite-driven violence and misery. Instead of debating with those who massacre “democracy” in the parliament, it would be more effective to join the ranks of those who surround the building.”


Inspired by Aljazeera image source ethno.uzh