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Spinning Pop is an artistic and conceptual exploration of specific people and events of our contemporary time and culture.
The digital photo manipulated work is premised on the belief that Pop Art in its beginnings, freeze-framed what consumers of popular culture experienced into iconic visual abstractions. Visual information now circulates in such quantities, so rapidly and exponentially, that to comprehend a fraction of it all becomes a kind of production process in itself.
The use of video production for exhibiting the work enables the individual images to become fragmented elements of the global popular culture over a time line.
Adapting Pop Art’s notion of mass media imagery into a context of the contemporary digital age, the work draws on a myriad points of reference. Utilizing fractured images to provide an allusion to the digital noise pounding away daily into our sub consciousness.
Diverging from the traditional Pop Art notion of a pronounced repetition of a consumer icon, instead this work focuses on the deluge of contemporary digital content.