Concept that beauty comes from the inside (July 18th 2012) Concept that beauty comes from the inside (July 18th 2012)

Cara Christopher the 24 year old American Fine artist and Graphic Designer whose work centers around self portraits and vibrant pop art, has been interviewed by Summer Dawn Hortillosa for the Jersey City Independent. In the interview Christopher states “I am very much inspired by the concept that beauty comes from the inside. I think the concept that many have of true beauty is only what the advertising and entertainment industry is leading us up to believe… I believe that real beauty is conveyed through a work of art when the depth of intensity and emotion is shown is very high, especially through the use of very vibrant color combinations. …I have made a number of collages in which I gathered a large amount of images from many different sources. Many of these sources are fashion magazines, mainstream music magazines, celebrity tabloids, etc. …I collage them all together, not based at all on subject matter, but solely based on how the form of the space fits with the other shapes. With these pieces, I am aiming to show how the media is constantly saturating us with all of these printed images and how powerful of an effect that can have on our consciousness. …there are many things to experience that give human life redemption and a great deal of meaning and importance, such as painting, music, dance, etc. I want people to experience my art and feel that they are more connected with the world, other people, and themselves.”


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