Michel Bauwens the 53 year old Belgian Peer-to-Peer theorist and founder of the P2P Foundation claims in an article published on Aljazeera that “The Occupy Wall Street movement is a model for a new economic paradigm, in which value is first created by communities [an emerging open-source civilization – as a business model].” Bauwens states, “Occupy and open-source models illuminate a new possible reality, in which the democratic civic sphere, productive commons and a vibrant market can co-exist for mutual benefit: At the core of value creation are various commons, where innovations are open for all to share and to build upon; These commons are protected through non-profit civic associations, which empower that social production; Around the commons emerges a vibrant commons-oriented economy comprised of ethical companies… Where these three circles intersect, citizens decide on the optimal shape of their provisioning systems. This model can exist as a submodel within capitalism, and to some extent already does so in the present system, as the open-source software business ecology. It could also become, with some necessary hacks, the core logic of a new civilisation. Occupy has not just shown us prefigurative politics, but prefigurative economics as well.”


Inspired by Aljazeera http://ow.ly/9FzaN image source Jane Mejdahl http://ow.ly/9Fz52