Alexander Elliot Anderson Salmond the 57 year old Scottish politician and current First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) has begun campaigning for the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence. Salmond in an interview with Sir David Frost stated, “I think the case for independence is a fundamental one. It is about Scotland as a nation and nations have a right to self-determination. [They] usually are better to govern themselves as opposed to let somebody else do it for them.” In the interview Salmond discussed the practical economic issues related to a Scottish independence including the lucrative oil and gas fields located in the North Sea off the coast of Scotland. The final date for the referendum is still to be confirmed for the small nation with a population of only five million people, with several October dates under consideration. Salmond and the SNP won a landslide election in 2011 with an overall majority, giving him the ability to call the referendum on Scottish independence.


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