William Woodard “Will” Self the 50 year old UK satirical novelist and short story writer renowned for his commentary on contemporary life in the UK is to become a Professor of contemporary thought at the Brunel University. In a Guardian article by Jeevan Vasagar, Self’s career is described as “…nothing if not diverse. He has swept streets, drawn cartoons and made cold calls; he has written as a maverick political journalist, a psycho-geographer, satirist and self-declared flâneur. … Self said his teaching would reflect preoccupations such as the relationship between people and geography “I do think there are interesting things to be said about the relationship between different modes of transport, including pedestrianisation, and perceptions of the way the city has grown up, the way we experience it, and the impact of new technologies on that … I just think that architects should be made to walk.” He added that Brunel attracted him for “psycho-geographical reasons… It’s very near to Heathrow, and there’s a big British Asian community that has grown up around Southall.”


Inspired by Jeevan Vasagar http://ow.ly/9tIU0 image source Facebook http://ow.ly/9tJmz