Chip Ward the US political activist poses the question that “After Occupy Wall Street, isn’t it time for Occupy Earth? … Degrading the planet’s operating systems to bolster the bottom line is foolish and reckless. It hurts us all. No less important, it’s unfair. The 1 per cent profit, while the rest of us cough and cope … Nature’s 99 per cent is an amazingly diverse community of species. They feed and share and recycle within a web of relationships so dynamic and complex that we have yet to fathom how it all fits together … we are only beginning to understand thresholds and feedback loops, the way the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. But we at least know that the parts matter deeply and that, before we even fully understand them, we’re losing them at an accelerating rate. Forests are dying, fisheries are going, extinction is on steroids”.


Inspired by Chip Ward image source The Monitor