Cindy Sherman the 57 year old US artist photographer has been named by Glamour magazine as one of the ‘Women of the Year’, referring to her as the “queen of radical reinvention”, honoring her works for challenging the traditional representation of women. Sherman’s work will be the subject of a major traveling retrospective by MoMA in 2012. Sherman works along in her studio taking on the various roles of cinema including wardrobe, hairstylist, makeup, director and model; to create series of images of herself in costumes recreating specific scenes from movies. Sherman’s interest in the visual arts began as a painter, however frustrated with the mediums limitations she turned to photography. “…there was nothing more to say through painting, I was meticulously copying other art and then I realized I could just use a camera and put my time into an idea instead.”


Inspired by artinfo image source Nathaniel Paluga