Lee Felsenstein the 66 year old US computer engineer and free speech advocate, renowned for his key role in the development of the personal computer, believes the current Occupy Wall Street movement could bring about generational change. In an article written by Quinn Norton, Felsenstein states “One of the effects of the Free Speech Movement [1964], and that outbreak of freedom really, was manifested in the development of the internet … We see the structure of the internet being an open structure, and open structure is what we were fighting for … There is no unified vision of what Occupy wants, besides a general feeling that the system is rigged in favor of the privileged…” Felsenstein while an engineer for the Community Memory Project, pioneered an early attempt prior to the internet, at networking publically accessible computer terminals to assess the social impact of technology.


Inspired by Quinn Norton http://ow.ly/7A1Mg image source http://ow.ly/7A24G