Bernard-Henri Lévy the 63 year old French intellectual and philosopher, known simply as BHL and one of the leaders of the 1976 “Nouveaux Philosophes” (New Philosophers) movement, has reached the best seller list with a collaborative book titled “Public Enemies”. The best seller is a publication of letters exchanged with Michel Houellebecq since 2008, where the two speak of their personal lives, reputations, religion, sex and politics. In a review of the book George Walden writes “Much of the fun of these letters stems from their almost satirically contrasting characters: Lévy, the well-born playboy of the western mind and pocket Apollo, versus Houellebecq, the drunken, ill-favoured, lower-middle-class grouch. As Lévy parades his learning and sleek bare chest dandiacally across the world (his letters are mostly written from hotels), Houellebecq sits at home with his dog, sluicing and smoking to heroically self-harming excess.”


Inspired by George Walden image source headweb